is well versed with the Traditions of Christmas.

Mrs.S.Claus.Canada Believes that the wonder & enchantment of Christmas is spread through smiles, laughter, joy, secret wishes & dreams, while also Believing in the True Spirit of Christmas.

When you invite me to visit as Mrs.S.Claus.Canada, it is my heartfelt wish to always, answer children’s questions honestly with caring kindness to keep the Magic of Christmas alive in their hearts.  No one should feel rushed when they talk & visit with me, as Mrs.S.Claus.Canada. Every Christmas wish is important and I believe in giving each child the individual attention they deserve.

Deborah K Grose is Mrs.S.Claus.Canada

I am a grief counsellor of 15 years as well as a part-time teacher at our local college for event planning. I am comfortable speaking in a small or large group.

As Mrs.S.Claus.Canada I can provide a traditional Christmas visit in full Victorian styled outfit:~ I will visit your Home or Office party, School or Library,  Retirement Home, hand out your presents, hear the secret wishes of the children, pose for  pictures with all children ~ young & old ~ family pets and, most importantly, bring the True Spirit of Christmas to your event.

Mrs.S.Claus.Canada is also available for assisting with Tree Lightings, Community Events, Parades, Story Telling ~ with “Mrs. Claus’ Night Before Christmas” story, Decorating Christmas Cookies with Mrs.S.Claus.Canada Party & Tea Parties.

Mrs.S.Claus.Canada has 30 years experience in promotions, print work, Radio & TV Interviews!


She is often asked sincere questions from children who are curious about life at the North Pole and all it’s Magic. All the questions are answered with ease and kindness. See the children’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are the other reindeer still mean to Rudolph?

The other reindeer learned to appreciate how being different is a valuable quality.  After all, Rudolph was able to guide Santa’s sleigh that night.

Do the Reindeer like the carrots I put out for them?

Reindeer love carrots.  It is very thoughtful of you.

What cookies are Santa’s favourite?

Santa enjoys all cookies, some of his favourites are Oatmeal Raisin and Chocolate Chip. He loves shortbread cookies too.

What do you do after Santa leaves the North Pole on Christmas Eve?

Once all the Christmas Turkey’s are in the ovens for Christmas Day, the Elves and I have a party with cupcakes, cookies, hot chocolate & milk.

Do all the Elves fly?

Only a few of the elves fly, they help train the reindeer.

Do you and Santa take a vacation?

Santa and I always take a little time off in January. We get to have hot chocolate by the fire and watch movies.

Do you get a gift for Christmas?

Santa is always very generous with gifts and that includes me.

How do you talk to Santa while you are here with me?

Santa & I have special cell phones to talk to one another. Santa is very tech savvy.

How did you get here to visit today?

I can’t tell you all my secrets, there would be no Magic!

How come Santa doesn’t eat all my cookies that I leave out for him?

Santa visits millions of children and he can’t eat all the cookies children leave out for him. He does his best to sample as much as he can.

We Made Them All Happy

  • My house was filled with six squealing little girls until my Granddaughter answered the door to Mrs. Claus. Mrs. Claus arrived in a resplendent Christmas gown and full-length fur trimmed cape. She carried a large satchel filled with cookies, cupcakes, icing and a variety of sprinkles. The visit was magical. After decorating the delicious baked goods the girls were read a story from Mrs. Claus' mysterious book. The room was silent. The afternoon was enchanting. What a wonderful day of making memories with my Granddaughter and her friends. Thank you Mrs.S.Claus.Canada

    Lauren Hardy Manilla, Ontario
  • I was most fortunate to be included in a surprise home visit from Mrs.S.Claus.Canada, with 6 young girls on Dec 9th. From the moment Mrs. Claus arrived to when she left, the girls were ah struck. Mrs. Claus was extremely prepared with all of the details for cookie decoration, story time and answered every question with confidence, creativity and enthusiasm. You can tell Mrs.S.Claus.Canada enjoys every minute of the experience. My expectations were exceeded on Dec 9th and I can only hope this is something she can share with so many more, giving an added joy at Christmas and life long memories that are both special and unique. I wish I were 6 again or had grand children to allow an invite for a visit.

    Dianne Pelletier Greenbank, Ontario
  • It is with the greatest pleasure to both THANK and recommend Mrs. S. Claus. Canada to anyone young or old, believer or non, corporate or personal; her magic brought a sparkle to everyone’s eyes when she entered the room to our Annual Christmas party of 2017. The children and adults watched and listened in amazement, had smiles that lasted for days. She is a true testament to the Magic of Christmas! Look forward to next Christmas in 2018 - the kids are eagerly anticipating her visit every year now. Thank you again Mrs. S. Claus. Canada and blessings

    Allison Saul Brooklin, Ontario
  • We had Mrs.S.Claus.Canada join our Christmas party last December and it was a wonderful experience for all of the children and the parents. Mrs.S.Claus.Canada mesmerized the children with her stories, her bells, and her love for Christmas. She was very soft spoken, warm and inviting and kept our room of over ten children totally captivated from start to finish. At the end, she took time with the parents to remind us all of the True Spirit of Christmas. I would definitely recommend Mrs.S.Claus.Canada for any party and we look forward to inviting her back next year.

    Dan Saul Brooklin, Ontario


We were so lucky to have Mrs. S. Claus Canada for a professional photo shoot, she arrived full of energy and excitement. Her attention to detail was wonderful, her attire was perfect in every way and so authentic; a lovely mix of modern with traditional. Mrs. S. Claus Canada went above and beyond to make sure her roll was well rehearsed and completely believable. I would highly recommend Mrs. S. Claus Canada for your Christmas bookings.

Wendy Webb Photography


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Christmas, magic, tea, cookies. Everything you want!


Mrs.S.Claus.Canada is a Member of the Mrs. Claus Sisterhood as well as, The Regional Municipality of the North Pole and also a Member of ‘The Ladies of Christmas’.

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Mrs.S.Claus.Canada Believes in the Magic of Christmas, and has a Masters of Mrs. Santa Claus and proud graduate from Santa School in Calgary Alberta, Canada.


A Very Special Guest on Breakfast Television

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Mrs. S. Claus. Canada

Mrs. S. Claus. Canada

Deborah K. Grose, Port Perry, ON. Canada



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